Umbrella Girl

Living in the middle of nowhere is not ideal. That does not matter to Ella, especially on rainy days. All she has to do is wait for the rain to stop, and then its time to play.

Umbrella Girl was animated by hand digitally using a Wacom Cintiq and Adobe Photoshop and composited in Adobe After Effects. The backgrounds are a mixture of pencil and watercolor.

What draws me to animation, to this day, is the amazing performance quality that can be achieved with a character in this medium. An actor uses their voice, face, and body to create a performance. An animator does almost the same thing, but with a character. So, in creating an animated performance, why wouldn’t an animator utilize more than just the principles of animation. Why not approach this character’s performance the same way an actor does?

I delved more into this topic as part of my thesis project at SCAD. My thesis explored the benefits for animators to approach their character animation from an actor’s perspective. This outlook will not only provide a deeper understanding of performance but will aid in better animation choices.

Umbrella Girl served as the visual component of this thesis. With this piece, I developed the character animation using acting principles discussed in the accompanying paper.


Umbrella Girl has been screened at 24 film festivals all over the world, won 2 awards and numerous nominations.

Warwick Drive-In Film Festival
June 2015
Warwick, NY, USA

2015 All-American Drive-In Film Festival
June 2015
Staten Island, NY, USA
Award Winner: Student Film

2015 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival
August 2015
San Diego, California USA

International Film Festival CINEMAFEST 2015
September 2015
San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Grand Rapids Feminist Film Fest 2015
September 2015
Grand Rapids, MI, USA

EXPOTOONS International Animation Festival 2015
September 2015
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Directed by Women: Short and Fun in NYC 2015 program
September 2015
Manhattan, NY, USA

Average Superstar Films Freedom Shorts XIV
January 2016
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Award Winner: Best Animation

ASIFA-East Animated Film Festival
February 2016
New York City, NY, USA

Milan Online Film Festival
April 2016
Milan, Italy

Children’s International Film Festival 2016
April 2016
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival
April 2016
Seattle, WA, USA

Telluride Mountainfilm Festival 2016
May 2016
Telluride, CO, USA

Philadelphia Independent Film Awards
May 2016
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Best Student Film
Miami Independent Film Festival
May 2016
Miami, FL, USA
Animation Day in Cannes
May 2016
Cannes, France
40th Elche International Independent Film Festival
July 2016
Elche, Spain
Semi-Finalist: Animation
POWFest Monthly Extended Festival
August 2016
Portland, OR, USA

Montreal International Animation Film Festival – ANIMAZE
August 2016
Montreal, Canada

Kleinkaap Short Film Festival
August 2016
Gauging, South Africa

Mequinensa International Film Festival
August 2016
Mequinenza, Spain
Hamilton Film Festival
November 2016
Hamilton, Canada

Hollywood Screenings Film Festival
January 2017
Los Angels, CA, USA
Semi-Finalist: Short Animation

Utah Film Festival and Awards
April 2017
Vineyard, UT USA
Finalist: Animation